Translation process:

After you submit your documents, we execute the following process:

1: Project evaluation and control
Assign a project manager for each client,who is then responsible for general supervision of the translation quality and of ensuring the consistency of project control.

2: processing terminology
To ensure the consistency of terms in translation, we will help clients build a terminology database. It can be used in current and future translations.

3: Translation, proofreading and editing
o Translated by special medical translators.
o Proofread by special medical editors, medical professors, researchers, experiment personnel,etc...
o Revised by a translation specialist.

4: Reviewed by clients
Clients will read the translation. If client has any questions and comments, we will help the client to solve the problem.

5: DTP and press
We use following tools to do DTP to ensure that we format the translated document the same as the original document. After DTP, the document can fit the publishing requirement.


Interpretation process:

After receiving the request from a client , we will proceed as follows:

First: Select interpreter
To choose the most suitable interpreter according to the clients demand, such as occupation background, sex, age, experience etc.

Second: data preparation
The chosen interpreter will contact the client directly, to make sure he/she is recognized by the client. It is the client's responsibility to supply corresponding background information and make the requirements clear to the interpreter who will prepare the materials.

Third: interpretation
After good communication with the client, the interpreter will do the interpretation according to the client's time schedule.