Following is the list of some long-term clients:

Hewlett-Packard Medical Instrument Product Division

Clinico Eye & Ear Care Health Service

It is very difficult to get a special translation of our occupation until we found shanghai medical translation centre. Since then , our ads and materials never get complaints from our clients."

-Director Huang

Shanghai People Publishing House

Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica

Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

China National Pharmaceutical Industry Corporation

Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration

Shanghai Pharm Valley Corporation

Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration

China Medical Instrument Corporation

Shanghai Sine Phara

Siemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd

General Cologne Reinsurance

Zhongshan Hospital

Huashan Hospital

Shanghai First People's Hospital

Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital

Shanghai ZHTG Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd

"we have three demands:1. The best service possibleļ¼Œ2.On time delivery 3. Moderate cost. Shanghai medical translation centre is always our best business partner."

- Miss Lau

Canada Novoscience Pharma Inc.

Dojindo Institute of Chemistry